Employment Law

In labour law, the interests of employees, works councils and trade unions often and naturally differ from those of employers. In this area of conflict, LLR develops practical, client-oriented solutions.

We mainly represent employers, but have always been a sought-after contact for executives, other employees and, last but not least, professional athletes. A smaller part of our practice group also works for works councils.
The focus of our activities is, in addition to the constant support of the daily operational personnel work including the change of operational structures and procedures, also in the consulting and support of the restructuring of companies. This includes all questions relating to operational changes, including personnel adjustments, outsourcing and changes in working conditions.

In addition to advice including contractual arrangements, negotiations with works councils, trade unions, employees and their representatives are as much a part of our daily practice as the necessary implementation of arbitration proceedings and legal disputes up to the Federal Labour Court.

We also advise lawyers, physicians, pharmacists, etc. on their position in the company and on exemption from compulsory insurance in statutory pension insurance. We also assist employers in tax audits of the German pension insurance. Our specialist knowledge also includes observing the particularities of members of chambered professions.
In addition, we have particular experience in the design of working time systems, in health protection and in data protection law.

At the interface to IP/IT law, we also protect the claims of companies, particularly in the area of employee invention law.
As experienced commercial lawyers, we offer realisable solutions in all areas of labour law and enforce them, if necessary also in teams and interdisciplinary with our colleagues.
If desired, we can also train you and your employees in all aspects of labour law. We are happy to come to you, but we also have modern training facilities at our disposal.

We work for
• insurances
• commercial enterprises
• Hospitals and other charitable institutions
• retailer
• Production companies in all sectors
• Public legal corporations
• broadcasting companies
• service enterprises
• investors



Our consulting focuses are:

Employment contract law
• Creation and optimization of work, service or work contracts
• Accompaniment of the daily personnel work
• Individual personnel measures
• Protection of work results (employee invention law)
• Questions of data protection law
• Advice on social security law even in the case of bogus self-employment or (unauthorised) temporary employment
• Creation of remuneration systems
• Optimization of working time systems
• Judicial disputes from warning to termination
• Approval procedure before the district government and/or integration office

Industrial Constitution Law and Employee Representation Law
• Preparation of works agreements
• Expert opinion on questions of co-determination law
• Operational changes including closures and relocations of operations
• transfer of an undertaking
• restructuring advice
• Negotiations with works councils on all aspects of the BetrVG including reconciliation of interests and social plan
• conciliation committee procedure

Collective bargaining law and industrial action law
• Accompaniment / conducting of collective bargaining negotiations
• Advice on strike and Aussperrung´

Church labour law

Exemption and professional rights of members of the chambered liberal professions
• Representations against the German Pension Insurance Federation
• Advice and representation in questions of professional law, also against professional associations

sports employment law
commercial agency law
Right of co-determination pursuant to DrittelBG or MitbestG
Right to provide temporary workers
Law of GmbH managing directors and other board members
SoKa construction process