IP/IT & Media

Whether you’re on the move digitally or analogue: Intellectual property is an important asset of your business. This includes in particular trademarks, designs, patents, software, know-how and data. You are worth it to be defended against imitation, misuse and unauthorized use – our IP/IT & Media team takes care of this for you.

LLR provides comprehensive support in obtaining intellectual property protection. We enforce existing protection against unauthorized third parties or defend your rights against attacks by third parties. Protecting innovations and defending them against imitators is our passion. Strong brands protect the origin of your products and services. Design law provides protection for the external design of your products. You can protect your inventions against plagiarisers by means of patents. In the field of advertising law, we accompany our clients’ product marketing, show them the freedom of marketing and win domains. E Commerce and E-Advertising sidn Consulting focus on the digital distribution of goods and services
We advise you comprehensively on the implementation of hardware and software projects, with a focus on IT contract law and data protection law. Information technology law is a cross-sectional field. LL.R advises you on the implementation of complex hardware and software projects from planning through legal project management of contracts in the maintenance and servicing phase to the expiry of contracts. We support outsourcing and insourcing projects, with special expertise in regulated areas and in the area of business process outsourcing. In practice, the increasingly important data protection law is an integral part of IT law. LLR has decades of experience with LLR DSC GmbH. Adjacent areas of law, from the accompaniment of public tenders to the out-of-court settlement of disputes, are covered by LLR with comprehensive legal advice.

Your good reputation and that of your company deserve protection. In the field of media law, we defend the personal rights of our clients enshrined in fundamental rights against infringements, as well as fundamental freedoms under press law and freedom of speech against unlawful interference. Rapid enforcement by means of interim injunctions is often the means of choice. Among other things, LLR advises on the legal design of websites, supports the development and distribution of innovative web-based applications and assists companies in the digital advertising and distribution of their products and services.

We advise:

• brand manufacturers
• Supplier of design products
• IT service provider
• Industry
• insurances
• technology enterprises
• e-commerce companies
• hotel business
• publishing houses
• banks
• financial service provider
• hospitals
• medical device manufacturers
• pharmaceutical companies
• Public sector
• research facilities
• gastronomy
• entertainment industry
• media enterprises
• inventors
• actor
• architects
• Artists
• musicians
• sportsmen
• journalists
• authors
• publishing houses
• online media

Intellectual property rights:
• Patents, utility models and technical know-how
• employee identification
• Trademarks, Domains and Designs
• Competition and antitrust law
• Research and development contracts, university inventions
• Research and development contracts, university research
• Public funding of R&D projects
• Licenses, franchising and merchandising

IT Law:
• Legal project management, legal support for IT projects
• Software contracts and database contracts for creation, sale, maintenance and distribution
• Cooperation agreements, partner agreements, distribution agreements (commercial agents)
• IT Outsourcing, Data Center Contracts, Application Service Providing, Cloud Computing (PaaS, IaaS, SaaS)
• IT procurement law, including EVB-IT contracts
• Drafting of contracts and general terms and conditions (AGB)
• Public administrative procedures with IT reference (e.g. eANV)

Data protection law:
• Order data processing
• International data processing (safe harbor, binding corporate rules, standard contractual clauses)
• Social data protection (SGB X)
• Telecommunications data protection (TKG)
• Autonomous Church Data Protection Law (EKD-DSG, KDO)
• Technical and organizational measures for data security
• Privacy by default / Privacy by design
• Duty to inform according to § 42a BDSG
• Information/administrative procedures of the supervisory authorities

Copyright and media law:
• Copyright, publishing and press law
• Online and multimedia, data transmission and teleservices
• E-Commerce & M-Commerce
• E-payment & e-banking
• Provider and service provider liability
• Legal design of Web 2.0 projects and social networks
• Affiliate Marketing and Other Forms of E-Advertising
• Profit and gambling law

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