Public Sector

The state action of the public sector and the successful economic activity of companies require, in addition to precise knowledge and compliance with public law regulations, in particular a solution-oriented approach and targeted communication between the private sector and the public authorities.

LLR supports both the public sector and the private sector in almost all areas of public commercial law. The focus is on public building and planning law, public procurement law, environmental law, municipal commercial law, state and constitutional law as well as state aid law.

In public building and planning law, LLR has particular expertise in the preparation of urban land-use plans, including environmental advice on the establishment and expansion of commercial, industrial, retail and residential locations. In public procurement law, LLR has extensive experience in advising contracting authorities and bidders in national and European public procurement procedures. LLR has acquired particular expertise in the design and implementation of Europe-wide procurement procedures for the procurement of planning and construction services for municipal infrastructure projects. In recent years, LLR has successfully assisted in a number of award procedures for municipalities in the areas of expansion, refurbishment and the construction of new schools and town halls.

We work for:
• construction industry
• bidders
• retail
• development carrier
• gastronomy
• Local authorities (esp. federal states, rural districts, cities and municipalities)
• landowner
• Manufacturer
• colleges
• Industry
• investors
• communes
• municipal housing associations
• (manufacturing) trade
• project developer
• extractive industries
• urban development companies
• savings banks
• Company and
• awarding authorities
• federations
• housing companies

Our consulting focuses are:

Public building and planning law
• Settlement, development and safeguarding of commercial, industrial and retail locations
• construction planning law
• building code
• Land rights including reallocation and expropriation
• urban planning law
• monument protection law
• Special planning law, in particular planning approval procedures
• development contribution right
• Public law due diligence in real estate transactions
• in•house trainings

public procurement law
• Structuring, conception and implementation of national and European procurement procedures for public clients
• Accompaniment of bidders in the acquisition of public contracts
• review procedures
• Public Private Partnership (PPP)
• Privatisation and re-municipalisation
• Statements and expert opinions under public procurement law
• in-house trainings

environmental law
• waste legislation
• tax law
• wastewater law
• mining and excavation law
• Soil protection and contaminated site law
• immission control law
• nature conservation law
• water law

Constitutional and constitutional law
Municipal commercial law
state aid law
tax law