Tax Law

Since the state discovered tax law as an all-encompassing steering instrument, tax arrangements have permeated all areas of life and law. LLR sees it as a challenge to harmonise creative interests and requirements with the fiscal framework. This includes advising entrepreneurs and companies, supporting them in the implementation of design variants and also setting them up and structuring them in a practicable manner from a tax point of view right from the start.

In view of the complexity of tax law, it is virtually impossible to structure a corporate change or real estate transaction without an accompanying tax audit. But even if the company or its economic activities do not change, tax law does so constantly and forces continuous examination as to whether there is a need for legal action.

In addition, LLR also advises on the defence against unjustified tax claims in opposition and court proceedings before all tax courts and the Federal Fiscal Court.

Finally, LLR also represents clients in criminal tax proceedings.

Our consulting focuses are:
• Transaction-accompanying consulting
• Tax Due Diligence
• Business succession planning and inheritance tax optimization
• Accompaniment of tax audits
• Objection and representation at fiscal courts
• Expert opinions on individual tax issues
• Obtaining binding information
• Advice and examination of tax consequences of cross-border situations
• Individual tax planning