"Stone by stone by stone... will build your little home" - although this German nursery rhyme sounds so simple, the actual realization of real estate and building projects usually is not that simple. Indeed, such projects often are rather complex matters involving manifold legal implications: choosing the appropriate concept - even in terms of tax, procurement of the individual building right, commissioning of planners and executing firms and, finally, sale or lease - all of these stages usually leave a legal scope for individual shaping and optimization, but they also require control and regulation.   

This is not only true for investors and builders but also for any other persons involved in the planning, building process, marketing and use of the real estate.

To all those persons we offer our legal services which are specifically tailored to their individual requirements. We have long standing experience in developing contractual concepts, in full-range legal assistance with projects of any size, dispute settlement and mediation as well as in in-court representation in any real estate and building issues.

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