Nowadays, almost all work
processes are supported or
implemented by software programs. 
The internet and its marketing channels and options have become an inherent part of business life. 
LLR comprehensively assists its clients  in planning and implementing any kind of hard- and software projects, internet marketing projects and in producing and using the "new media". 

Personal intellectual creations are
intangible assets which are worth
being protected against imitation
and piracy. Being properly protected, they may be effectively and consistently exploited or transferred or licences may be granted therein. LLR assists in obtaining IP protection. We also provide efficient assistance in enforcing existing IP rights against interference by unauthorized third parties and in defending such rights against third party attacks.
 LLR has great expertise in drafting IP licensing agreements.

Patente, Gebrauchsmuster und Arbeitnehmererfindungen Marke, Firma und Design Vertragsgestaltung - Forschung und Entwicklung, Technologietransfer, Franchising Wettbewerb und Werbung Informationstechnologie Urheberrecht, Medien und Multimedia IT/IP Due Diligence, Transaktion Kartell weiter