IP/IT & media

Whether digital or analogue: intellectual property is an important value for companies. This includes in particular trademarks, designs, patents, software, know-how and data. We enforce existing protection against unauthorized persons or defend rights against attacks by third parties.


Strong brands protect the origin of their products and services. Design law provides protection for the external design of products. Technical inventions can be protected from plagiarists through patents. In the area of ​​advertising law, we support product marketing, show scope for marketing and fight for domains. E-commerce and e-advertising are the focus of consulting in the digital distribution of goods and services.


We provide comprehensive support for the implementation of all types of IT projects – from planning and tendering to legal contract management in the procurement and operational phase through to the expiry of the contracts and, if necessary, remigration. Our focus is on IT contract law and data protection law. We manage outsourcing and insourcing projects, with particular expertise in the BaFin-regulated area. With LLR DSC GmbH, we have many years of experience in data protection law, which is becoming increasingly important.


The good reputation of companies and protagonists deserves protection. In the area of ​​media law, we defend fundamental personal rights against violations and fundamental freedoms of the press and expression against unlawful interference. Quick enforcement through interim injunctions is often the method of choice. Among other things, we advise on the legal design of websites, support the development and distribution of innovative web-based applications and support companies in the digital advertising and digital distribution of their products and services.


Our holistic approach enables us to cover all facets of commercial law as a team with extensive expertise in all relevant legal areas. This is how we develop the best possible approach – always individually tailored to the client’s requirements.


As highly specialised lawyers in an independent partnership, we can guarantee that each mandate is handled by the partner with the best professional qualifications. The diversity of individual skills and consistent specialisation is what makes the breadth and quality of legal advice in such a compact commercial law firm possible in the first place. The heterogeneity of the key players is a recipe for success for our law firm.