Labour law

In labor law, the interests of employers, bodies and employees as well as works councils and unions do not always coincide. In these different areas of tension, LLR develops practical and client-oriented solutions.


In addition to the constant support of individual legal, works constitution and collective bargaining law issues, the focus of our work is particularly on changes to operational structures. We deal with all issues relating to operational changes, personnel adjustments, outsourcing and changes to working conditions.


In addition to advising and drafting contracts, our daily work also includes negotiations with the social partners, as well as carrying out arbitration proceedings and legal disputes up to the Federal Labor Court.


We also have special experience in designing remuneration and working time systems, in elections to supervisory boards and works councils, in health protection and data protection law.


At the interface to IP/IT law, data protection law and corporate law, we protect the claims and rights of our clients, especially in the area of ​​employee invention law and in disputes with social security funds.


We resolve conflicts between companies and bodies and advise on contract drafting. In the field of sports, professional athletes, as well as clubs and associations, rely on the expertise of our sports labor law practice.

We have extensive, many years of experience in training courses on all aspects of labor law and in various training formats.


As experienced business lawyers, we offer implementable solutions in all areas of labor law and implement them – if necessary, even across disciplines as a team.


As highly specialised lawyers in an independent partnership, we can guarantee that each mandate is handled by the partner with the best professional qualifications. The diversity of individual skills and consistent specialisation is what makes the breadth and quality of legal advice in such a compact commercial law firm possible in the first place. The heterogeneity of the key players is a recipe for success for our law firm.