Public law & public procurement law

In addition to the precise handling of public law regulations, government action by the public sector, the successful economic activity of companies and the shaping of politics require, in particular, a solution-oriented approach and goal-oriented communication between those involved.


LLR supports government agencies, companies and associations in almost all areas of public law and procurement law. The focus is on:


  • Public building law and planning law, environmental law
  • Procurement law including aid and funding law
  • State, constitutional and party law, electoral law
  • Municipal law


In public construction and planning law, we advise cities and municipalities, project developers, investors and builders on the procedures for drawing up development plans, drafting and negotiating urban planning contracts and obtaining permits. Our advice also extends to the associated environmental law, such as emissions control, nature conservation, soil protection and water law. We also advise on specialist planning law.


In procurement law, we advise public clients on the conception and implementation of Europe-wide and national procurement procedures for the procurement of construction, delivery and services (including IT services). We also provide advice on aid and funding law. We also advise the public sector on the implementation of investor competitions (structured bidding processes / awarding of concepts). We also support bidders in their participation in procurement procedures, for example in preparing applications to participate and offers as well as formulating bidder questions and procedural complaints. We represent you in review proceedings before the public procurement chambers and in appeal proceedings before the higher regional courts.


We advise government agencies, associations and citizens on all questions of constitutional law. One of our particular consulting focuses is on party, electoral and parliamentary law, in which we advise parties, parliamentary groups and state bodies and other political actors on questions such as the delimitation of competences or the correctness of state or intra-party elections or on questions of party financing.


We advise districts, cities and municipalities, municipal companies, associations, political committees as well as council groups and members on all questions of local and municipal constitutional law.


As highly specialised lawyers in an independent partnership, we can guarantee that each mandate is handled by the partner with the best professional qualifications. The diversity of individual skills and consistent specialisation is what makes the breadth and quality of legal advice in such a compact commercial law firm possible in the first place. The heterogeneity of the key players is a recipe for success for our law firm.