Lukas Jönsson

Specialist lawyer for labour law


Lukas Jönsson studied law at the University of Bonn with a focus on labour law. After successfully completing his first state examination in law at the beginning of 2017, Lukas Jönsson worked as a research assistant at a commercial law firm in Cologne specialising entirely in employment law until the start of his legal clerkship.


Lukas Jönsson spent his legal clerkship at the Regional Court of Bonn, during which time he continued his part-time work as a research assistant in the field of labour law at a commercial law firm in Bonn. During his legal clerkship, Lukas Jönsson worked at the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, in the employment law team of an international commercial law firm in Cologne and at the Siegburg Labour Court.


After successfully completing his second state examination in law, Lukas Jönsson joined LLR’s Cologne office in 2020. He has been a specialist lawyer for labour law since 2023.


Lukas Jönsson advises companies as well as employees and works councils comprehensively in all areas of individual and collective labour law.


When Lukas Jönsson is not working, he spends time with friends and family, travelling – preferably to Sweden – or playing the piano.


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