We offer our expertise to companies, associations and public authorities in all fields of immission control, recycling management and waste law, contaminated sites, soil protection
and water management. In these fields, we focus on counselling. However, if a legal conflict cannot be avoided, LLR also has considerable experience in litigation, even before the Bundesverwaltungs- und Bundesverfassungsgericht (German Federal Administrative Court and Federal Constitutional Court). Finally, LLR also renders legal advice on any questions relating to legislative procedures.

Successful business activities of a company definitely require the observance of public law provisions. When realizing projects, it is often important to consider any possibilities of public funding. LLR advises on all issues of public building and planning law, environmental matters and commercial administrative and constitutional law. Environmental law plays a key role in project planning. Not only national regulations
but also EU requirements are of considerable relevance. LLR has long standing experience in environmental issues, even in the consideration of technical background.

Environment Public Building and Planing Law Advice on Legislative Procedures Energy Management